Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim

in case your wondering i am still working on maid but Jim is paid work so he gets done first :smiley:

Here be the modle :o

here be the real :o

Well, it’s a bit too early to say anything really. That’s a very crude head. Hope you’re not working only from that 3/4 perspective photo? And it would be swell if you could post some wires.

he is ugly isnt he…i mean ill have to do more tweaking :stuck_out_tongue:

and no i have front and side also both head and body :).

here be wire

OOoo gt2 :o

If we could get front and side screens in Orthographic with Optimal off, that would be great.

Ok. Had a go at revising the wires - didn’t go to well. %| So, some of it is sloppy work. I see a number of problems. Explanation of my doodles: :expressionless:
Blue circles mark odd intersections, or poles in bad places if you will. Red lines show an edgeflow that I think will benefit you more in the long run.
Hope you find my thoughts useful.

I have a projector that will project anything that is 8.5-in. x 11-in.

If you can get a grid projected onto your subject’s face (and he or the projector doesn’t move), you can photograph the front and side. Then use those pictures as a background guide in Blender.

Paint some lines on Jim’s face OR Put sticky dots on his face. Then photograph him.

havent had time to work on jim. stupid college work :x
tis finished tommoro though

Spin: i thought about the projecter idea but havent got accese but the sticky dots mmmmm

Bellorum:i hate noses so yes i do find them usefull will have a go at new mesh tommoro. must go bed now :smiley:

Bellorum those intersections that you made were my thoughts exactly!

Good work so far fly! Work on the edge loops as Bellorum pointed out.

Well, great minds do think alike, don’t they? cough :wink:

woodman:Thank you

should of mentiontion this befor :stuck_out_tongue: the modle has 8000poly limit…

If you have a polylimit you mustn’t use subsurf. The only reason I can imagine anyone would have a poly limit is because it’s for realtime rendering and in that case you can do a lot more with your polies without subsurf. Also you don’t need to keep all quads since quads are only needed for the subsurf algorythm.

yes it will be for real time.

ive took of susurf
2169 tris…

also blender wont let me change the size of the proportionle edit but will with the circle select. :frowning:

im using a laptop no wheel on mouse


Wire please… no offense, but it looks like you pulled “Jim” out of the morgue.

I’ll see if I can communicate some things that needs fixing:
-The Crown of the head is too tall.
-The mouth is too big. You need to narrow it down some.
-The angle for the opening of the nose needs to be flattened out a bit ( I hope you know what I mean).
-The brow part of where the eyebrow would be saggs down, if you look at the picture of Jim it actually arcs kind of up.

That’s it for now.

The tip of the nose down to where it connects to the upper lip is perfect. :smiley:

This does seem to be an improvement on your last posted head though, keep going, you’ll get it.
Oh, one thing: Are you using linked duplicates? if not, it could save you alot of work.


mmmm :expressionless:

got confused trying to chage nose loops :-?

That’s way too many polys for lo-poly, imo. You could easily remove 1/3 of those. And there’s some weird geometry from the corner of the mouth up to the nose. And about the edgeloops from the nose and down, look at your own face. The edgeloops should follow the natural flow of the face.

tis only 2200 polys with 8000 limit :-?

This head is 1030 polys, 2014 if I triangulate the faces. And that includes the neck and trapezius muscles. This is more than enough to create a realistic looking face. And you have a face that’s supposed to be low-poly, that is 2200?