JimTuv's Toon Learning Thread

Edit: I started this just to test out the toon shader and have some fun. But along the way I decided to make a study of tunes and their development and construction. In this thread I hope to learn by studying great tunes of the past and present and along the way develop my own tunes. In the end I should have a working set of characters of my own to use.

I only had an hour to kill today so I threw this together to try out a cartoon character. Other then My avatar I have never done one before.


I figured why not finish him so I spent a couple hours today making a body…


I’ve been a bad puddy tat!:o

Looks good.


Here is one I am working on today. I plan on doing lots of different toon styles to learn how things work and for some modeling practice.

I couldn’t resist making the beak separate.


Making quick progress on Daffy. I still have to do the arms, hands, unwrap and make textures for everything. I calmed down the arms and expression on Tweety as well. I also tried out the toon shader on her.


Finished modeling on Daffy. Next unwrap and texture


Here is Daffy’s arm rig for better or worse

Oh I forgot to mention in the picture that the ForeArm.L bone’s Bezier In and out are set to 0 to keep from adding weird twisting. This allows the forearm to rotate with the hand.


Finished rigging him I think. Here is a couple poses. I will try some simple animations in 2.5 to get a feeling for the new UI


great looking Daffy and Tweety! i really like the pose where Daffy has removed his beak. :slight_smile:

Thanks That’s my favorite pose too!

Here is a Waddle Cycle for Daffy hope you like it.


Well I remade the rig for Daffy. I used custom bone shapes but for some reason 2.5 is messing up their shapes. I haven’t had a chance to test out the rig yet. I will be doing a new (hopefully better) walk cycle for Daffy. I also started modeling on my next toon.


Got a little done on Wile E. Coyote. I still have the hands to do and then all the detail modeling.


Finished his hands. It’s funny after doing a bunch of hands this week I figured each would take shorter then the last but that is not the way it went. They all took about the same time to make.


That is an amazingly good recreation of wile .e coyote’s face, man. Dang.



wow kool. are you planning on doing anything with them??

Cant do anything but personal testing as they are copyrighted. I plan on making my own toons as I go on. Just getting the hang of taking 2d into 3d right now. My plans are to start with learning from great tunes, getting the feeling for the shapes and how to get good topology. And then as I go start to develop my own characters taking the lessons I am learning along the way.

well anyway you got some nice work there keep it up mate :wink:

Gonna try and start just from a pair of eyes and see what comes of it. Here is the first set. I think I will do some sketches with grease pencil and go from there. May do more then one version.


Very good work. You really captured Daffy and Wile E. Coyote.