Jimucha's Run-GamePlay

Hello There :slight_smile:

This is a Game I’m developing to get a deeper Knowledge of Unity and C#.
All the models and the animations are mine and entirely created and developed in Blender.

I will stop further development on this project for now, cause my free time will be absorbed by another project strictly related to this one.

About Jimucha, he’s a simple boy from the 12th century who loves sweets so much that running on a Military Border to get them, doesn’t scare him that much. His Favourites are the Bunny Shaped Steamed Buns, cause he finds them sweet and funny to eat.
Is he crazy? Or just Hungry?!

Hope this is the right section to post about this ahahha

Any feedback is Kindly appreciate it.

I could not record the inGameSounds, so I created an alternative beat to stage the game a lil bit
, hope u like it :slight_smile:

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Great work, congrats.

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Thanks ozgur, I’m always happy to read your support :slight_smile:

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