Jintei's Sketchbook of progress

–opening picture–

So I am very new to blender and am doing a lot of tutorials.
in this thread i want to post the results of tutorials and works i create to view and review my own progress.
feel free to post hints tips and criticism:)

this is the first result, I just created while following andrew price’s spaceship tutorial part 1. I did not change anything to the model he suggested (very uncreative I know, more spaceships of my own design will follow)

no materials or lighting have been added. will do that in the second part of his tutorial

so I redid the entire space ship challenge myself a little bit. and then continued with part 2 of the space ship tutorial.
(adding materials, textures and using the compositor) above is the end result.
I really like how it turned out, got some idea’s for a new ship. want to make something less smooth and more post space-apocalypse looking. hope to drop in some more new stuff soon:)

ok i don’t understand how I can make my latest upload into the thumbnail… if someone knows how to please tell me:D

I’ve been doing Andrew Price’s Subway Tunnel tutorial Part 1 this evening and learning more about Arrays.

A quick render of tonight’s work.

jintel thumbnail has got to be an attachment in first post. Under manage attachments

hmmm i found the panel you mean Drawing, but i still do not know how to get it to work:P