Jinx Head

I found myself bored last night and decide I wanted to practice some more on my newfound method of making heads/faces. I just started learning and it’s a long fun process. So I just thought up of making a 3d version of

I am just making the head. This is what I have so far.

Can someone tell me how to get rid of thos ugly lines? Remember i’m quite new at this. Is that occurance common?

Any suggestion/tips welcome.

It might be overlay faces or it might be normals. First select everything all the polygons in the model and then press ctrl+n. if that doesn’t work, use the rem(ove) double button in the mesh tools tab.

Yeah it was the normals. I had tried that a ton of times, turns out that the hotkey to recalculate the outside normals doesn’t work in blender for me. I had to look for it in the menu. But I found it and it looks loads better. Now I can continue.

Do you know how to find loop select withough the hotkey? Jeez I feel restrained withought the use of many hotkeys.

Alt+click on an edge for loop select, ctrl+alt+click on an edge for ring select.

For menu usage, it’s just ‘select>loop select/ring select,’ and to call up the edge menu it’s ctrl+e and 6 or 7 for loop select and ring select, respectively.

Alright that helps a lot thanks.