Jiraiya (Naruto, Low Poly Contest)

Hey all… This is my WIP in the Naruto Contest. I am currently working on the hair and the hands, face and feet haven’t been textured yet. Since I don’t get much critique in the contest forum I thought about posting it here.

The limit is the usual 5k and I have pretty much used all available.


wow! that looks good! i love that guy… though i’m still waiting to see what he’s capable of in the mangga :smiley:
regarding your model, its detail was good! but if its a low poly model, do the fingers have to be modeled that way? i mean, can’t the hands be just a single piece and just UV map the fingers?


Usually u put more details into fingers, torso and head because thats where you actually look on a character ingame.
Also, the hands are important if you want to rigg and animate different movements. Another thing with this guys is that he has wristguards. But yes, I could probably make em more simple but then why do that if I am not out of polys yet?

Nice model! About the hands, I guess if you did need to remove some polys in the end then you could just model the thumb, index finger then the other 3 fingers as one piece in each hand, that way you could still get most movements needed such as pointing and being able to grip stuff without it looking wrong, but yeah keep as much detail in as you can within your poly count.

ooh… i thought you were really running out of polys :smiley: anyway, i really like the texture

I don’t have many left, but on the other hand I don’t need more polys for anything… I just need to fix my textures. Especially the hair… I have never done low poly hair before and I don’t know how to model his crazy hairstyle.

I have tried two different approaches, one as a more realistic approach and one with less realistic. The first tryout you have allready seen above, here is the second one and to be honest it looks like flower petals more than hair :slight_smile:


As usual I have been busy with work and school so I haven’t been able to update this project for a while. I still havent figured out the hair yet but I am working on the facials right now.



His eyes look like if they aren’t facing straight forward, but other than that he looks great.

A small update on the facials…

I am pretty much satisfied with the face for now. Spec map will be made at the end.


detailed for low polly!


Thank you. Though low poly is supposed to be detailed, but not by modeling :slight_smile:

Here are todays update… I have finally made the hair as I wanted (allmost anyway) so now I can go on and focus on different parts.

Right now I have used 4835 out of 5000. I will probably use some of those on his feet and maybe add some geometry on the scroll.


Hey all again… been a while since I posted an update.


Ok. Here is my last update on him. I fixed his toes and feet. I also tried to add a rasengan and tuned in some more volume in his hair.

I have about 20 tris left for the rope that will attach his scroll to the back.

All in all I have used 4980 tris so far.


your take on the “pervy sage” is looking good

4980 tris out of 5000… talk about maximization! great work!

Played around with the rig and this is the pose I am going to use for the Winning shot. I will sculpt Gamabuntas head for the podium and use some kind of horizon to show off the height. But since I want to show off the model and its texture rather than the enviroment it will be a rather simple sky. Probably water color paint or something.

looks good! doesn’t look low poly to me (except for the scroll)… am waiting to see the toad! :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: I had to make a quick version of Gamabuntas head since I didn’t had time to model anything fancy. But hopefully somebody can imagine he is standing on a red bullgrog head.


Todays update on the winning pose. I also started the beauty pose that will include atleast 3 Jiraiyas. I have only done one of those so far but that was the most difficult one. However, I am considering scrapping the first winning pose and use a close-up from the beauty pose instead.

Tell me what you think and if you have any cool ideas for additional poses.

Clarification: The beauty pose is the one with a toad head in it. And the toad is not finished :slight_smile:


if its for a game that you will make with BGE 5000 verts might be a bit too much, we usually recomand below 1000 for a rigged and dynamic character or it will Kill your framerate. but exept from that its very well done !

EDIT: ho and im not sure about the size of texture but its highly recommended to be below 1024x1024