Jiros Sword

It’s beautiful!!! Just finished modeling my newest sword for my character Jiro Dragoon from Adventures of Bear Mountain. I have all the edges sharp, and I love the triangle piece on the blade at the hilt. It’s untextured right now.


I like the design, but the hilt and the blade don’t really have much of a divider. It all looks like one piece. Also, some hard straight edges may help as right now it looks really smooth. But the cross guard is cool and the pommel looks good. Also you managed to make it look 3D and sharp at the same time, which can be difficult. Good job.

If it is untextured ‘right now’, shouldn’t this be in the wip forum?

Thank you, yeah it’s in pieces but I have it where it looks like one piece. Making it sharp and beveled without messing it up was really tricky, took me awhile and many undos to get it right.

@matfr, the modeling is completely finished, I probably won’t post a textured version, so it’s done on here.