Jittery camera from import

I have an issue with a project, where I imported camera info from after effects.
I prepared a file with google earth studio and imported camera data with the script from GES to After effects.
Then I used the AE2Blend script to import my camera from After effect to blender.

The result is very jittery and the render doesn’t follow the passe-partout wich is very smooth.

You can see that the camera border is not following the passe-partout and the render is not smooth at all and very unusable.
the border move randomly from a frame to the next. It’s very shaky.
have you any idea to get my camera having a better behaviour ?

thanks in advance. (I hope that you can understand me, english is not my mother tongue…)

edit : I figured that it could be linked to the precision of the value (the camera position in AE have value around 400000 m, that’s big when you need decimeter precision) any idea why, and how to tell blender to use precise value ?

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