Jitteryness in bullet objects in newest preview. Erwin?

I was checking out the new preview 10 with the IPO fix and I really liked what I saw so far, but there’s a problem with objects that are say a cube with one side being thin, I was trying out some dominoes with the IPO object being the knocker and it knocks them down. Well I noticed two things.

1). Sometimes when an object hits an object it flies like a feather even if it’s hit by an object with the same mass.
2). When disable sleeping is on an object and the other objects are active sometimes they stand up for half a minute (or 5 seconds) but after that the jitter causes them to fall over for no explainable reason. For large testing domino sets with thin squares as dominoes this causes them to fall out of order. The only way I can solve this it to make them thicker and then they don’t look like domino pieces.

Just so you know, so it can be fixed.

I really hope that you maybe could fix the IPO-to-Property someday in the bullet engine too
(where you make a IPO frames be affected by the value you add,assign,copy to a property)

because if not then I won´t be able to do health,experience,stamina bars and other bars in the bullet engine

but especially i won´t be able to assign the value of 1 so it assigns the 1 frame of my IPO that makes my character face forward when pressing uparrow

and value 5 what makes him face right when pressing rightarrow

and value 10 for back and 15 for left

I need this technique to add 360 degress movement to my character

and another special technique I won´t be able to use is when pressing Space for example is to be able to make a randomly assign a value of the IPO where each frame has a specific location kinda like ramdomly spawn

There on thing that I think should be in the engine is that there should be a way to smoothly assign a value like in 10 frames it assign from value 1 to 5 this would be good for 360 degress movement an health bars

I would really apriciate if even you where to consinder any of this

>The only way I can solve this it to make them thicker and then they don’t look like domino pieces.

You can also achieve better quality by making the gravity less (2 instead of 9.8 gives more stability). It all has to do with some internal tolerances that are not user-configurable (yet). Small object sizes don’t work because of those tolerances.

Also, make sure your smalles object size is at least 0.3 units (the smallest side of the domino).


So it’s just that the scale of the objects is too small or the gravity’s too high for the scale.

Okay I get it now.:slight_smile: