jMesh - Cirlce Array problem

Hello guys,

I work on tutorial and now im stuck. When i try to apply Circle Array around the other circle it not work as it should be.

Tried apply Locations also reset all, did not help.

I think there problem with origin or something like that. Can anyone help me to fix it?

Here is the blend.file.


revolver_tutorial.blend (1.4 MB)

Cursor to world origin…
Make sure the empty and all other object have their origins at the world center…
Set object offset to empty ( done by J-tools, but check it… and set origin also to the world center )
Once you add your 8 parts to the array modifier, rotate the empty Y>45
I think that’s all I had to do…

Oh and turn down the distance in the merge ( parts are very small ) to .001cm
and click first and last copies…

revolver_tutorial -array.blend (1.4 MB) Blender3.3

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