jMonkeyEngine 3.0 and BGE

Hello everyone!

Has anyone tried jMonkeyEngine 3.0 before? Please share some thoughts if you did. How is their performance…etc as compared to BGE.

I really like BGE, not because it’s free, but because it is part of Blender and you have the feeling of ‘owning’ it forever. However, due to the recent incident which caused too much uncertainty for the future of BGE. That feeling is fading! Hereby seek for your expertise and welcome any suggestion besides the abovementioned engine.


The future is not uncertain. It is pretty clear that the BGE will continue.

Anyway. I had a look at jMonkey some years ago. I think it is pretty good. It is a different workflow as you start with code rather than content. Finally it is a matter of organization and personal taste.

That jmonkeyengine have support for android.

Thanks for the reply everyone!

‘The future is not uncertain. It is pretty clear that the BGE will continue.’

I have your words. Just hope that it will turn out to be true.

That’s one of their features that interests me. I found out they are working on ios too.

Ive tested their Android demos and got like 60fps except for the motion path that gives 22-30fps

I’ve long known that the Jmonkey engine comes with a decent feature-set, but be aware that its not one of those engines that comes all nice and tidy in a single app. and is actually a small collection of apps. like a world editor and script editor.

In addition, I’m not sure if this affects the Jmonkey team or not, but the US government is looking with a weary eye over the potentially massive security risks with Java (the language used for the engine) and is recommending people disable it on their machines. The thing is, if you disable Java, you potentially disable the ability to use the Jmonkey engine as well.

Interesting! Hope someone who have actually tried this engine(3.0) can provide some feedback. I learned they are using Java for scripting and have decent interface plus good documentation, just don’t know whether this engine is user friendly.

@Ace Dragon
Welcome the dragon! Good info! But could it be because of higher difficulties for certain party to hack and that’s why they hate Java?:smiley:

They do not simply use java for scripting. JMonkey is writtem in Java. So you can write your game logic in Java as well.

Why should US gouvernment care about Java?

Java is a well established programming language which is supported by many platforms. A lot of frameworks is implemented in Java. A huge number of business applications run on Java too. You can find open source and propriatary applications running on Java. Btw. i’m a Java developer :wink: and I develop business applications. So it is naturally that I’m pro-Java :).

Whats the deal with the java and the security?

Recommending people to uninstall Java from their machines altogether is totally stupid. Although Oracle has proven that they don’t test Java very thoroughly for security holes, running a Java application is still less risky than running a native application. Of course, disabling the Java plugin in your web browser makes perfect sense, and is a very good idea.

And speaking of Java… I’ve heard that Java is a poor language for writing a game engine because it’s garbage collection implementation can cause noticeable stuttering(it only collects every so often, and when it does it might pause briefly). Is this still true?

Oh, and another thing. I would never work with a game engine that uses Java for game scripting because it completely lacks operator overloading. Try working with vectors and matrices (which I do quite often) in a language with no operator overloading. It’s not pretty. Java is also an annoyingly verbose language in general.

“The future is not uncertain. It is pretty clear that the BGE will continue.”

I rather feel that Ton Roosendaal to stop the interest Bge.
More major update after YoFrankie (fanboys, your sharp stone
to stone me) since Blender seems resolutely oriented worm rendering
image and film.:cool:
It is believed that Bge will never programmed to become a box
to complete and powerful tool. Blender “all in one” is it now
a crutch software?.:frowning:

“The future is not uncertain. It is pretty clear that the BGE will continue.”

J’ai plutôt l’impression que Ton Roosendaal à cesser l’intérêt au Bge.
Plus de mise à jour majeur après YoFrankie (fanboys, aiguisé vos pierre
pour me lapider), depuis, Blender semble résolument orienté ver le rendu
d’image et le cinéma.:cool:
C’est à croire que Bge ne sera jamais programmé pour devenir une boite
à outil complète et performante. Blender “le tout en un” est-il devenue
un logiciel béquille?.:frowning:

It is believed that Bge will never programmed to become a box
to complete and powerful tool

Blender game engine + good programming + LOD = any game you want to make,

What game do you wish to replicate? make from scratch…

I can show you how.

The only thing BGE is missing in my eyes is a android port, or a “interaction flavor” where only what is usable in android is availible…


Regarding bge future, please look at the according post and make up your own mind. Do not stop to read the first page of the thread ;).

To evaluate a programming language better refer to some serious sources rather than outdated and unverified rumors.

Coming back to topic: jMonkey shows that Java is good for gaming. Someone even created an jMonkey plugin. So you can integrate the output in your own RCP application.

I’m sure you will find all necassary information at the jMonkey website and related forums.

a nice link!

@Deloince JP
Your project is simply impressive! Everything is so nicely fit into one piece of artwork, just like watching an animation movie. Is it done yet? Keep up the handsome work!

love blender:),
I have not posted anything for a long time, but I continue to work on the project “Dark Biome” relentlessly.
I often wonder about the future of Bge, I fear he disappeared into oblivion for lack of attention from the
blender foundation:(. There is another solution, Unity 3d, UDK, Ogre, CryENGINE and JMonkeyEngine
discovered in this Thread (well thank you:cool:), but it will be a really good software but as a blender
be a champion in any editing tools bind to movies and games.

After Viewport FX 2 gets into the trunk. .will get ES 2.0. .which help us to make games for android devices. .the guy who is developing blender for android devices will develop an exporter to make .apk files

This is an important piece of info, thanks! Hope this can eventually come true. For the meantime i shall stick with the beloved BGE and learn hard.

For those who have any doubt about the capability of BGE, take a look at Deloince JP’s project above. Its just stunning!

This thread shall be closed as it is.