Joan D'arc


this is my try at the excellent joan d’arc tutorial at I didn’t make the whole lady as it is suggested here. It isn’t finished yet, the eyes aren’t done, no hair and no weapons. I need tipps for improvement. Especially textures suck and i need help there.

all pictures and the blend file can be found at

Here’s the front:

Can’t wait for C & C.

Edit: fixed link

that looks really awesome! but the link doesn’t work

The head looks a little funky in the side view.

Good job! I’ve tried that tutorial about a month ago, and I must say you’ve got better results… :wink:


I fiddled my way through that same tutrial (tough I don’t understand a word of french) some time ago and, and gotta say you nailed the front view.

but I also cheked the other images and I’d say you got a while to go yet, her head seems to be misshaped when looked from other angles.

Texturing needs tweaking too. Bumpmapping on the armor is too visible. It looks like aluminium foil or something. Make bumps way bit smaller and jerk mirror option down.

Her skin needs little tuning too. Now she looks like she has some kind of diseace. It’s too blotchy with too much yellow tone.

Good start. :smiley:

Nice model, I tried that tutorial too. I also don’t understand any french word, but I understand the logic of combining words, sometimes it sounds familiar. Anyways I didn’t read any french text, I just watched the bunch of pictures. :smiley:

There is an english version of it, guys…

Cool… :slight_smile: the body and head look right, but the boots… well, they’re okay… they just don’t seem to match her character to me. The only other problem I__ see is the thickness of the arms/wrists.


thanks for the replys so far!

I agree on the head. it needs more work; also the bones over the eyes are to high. I also did a quick eye; but this really sucks. it was just a test with raytracing in some 15minutes, but nevertheless, it’s progress, so i post it 8).

Btw, i only post links now, for all those with limited bandwith. Or are pictures better?

i spend some more time twiddling with the textures, the progress is also shown below.


Next is the head.


To me the poportions look like a child’s. The amor and clothing look really good though. -Thumbs Up-

Use for a huge free storage (I have over 100 images and don’t pay anything) or for a faster pic service.

I think it’s either Joan of Arc or Jeanne D’arc :wink:


worked on the head some more. Still not satisfying, but i think i can only make it better through redoing it, and i’m not willing to do so at the moment. I think, i’ll do the eyes and some hair next to give her some character.


@[og]GrYpHoN: mmh, it’s very manga imho. But as i mentioned it is not my design, only my model and i like the propotions.

@Arathorn: That makes her something else somehow, she’s neither joan of arc nor jeanne d’arc 8). Wasn’t intententionaly though…