Joan of Arc again (body and some armour)


Added a body to the head and started on the armour, looking
for constructive critisism. No textures yet though.

Thanks in advance.

Her breasts are somehow funny (they seem to be a bit squarish from the front, and the side profile gives them sort of silicon-look), and the groin area (where the legs meet genitals) is not right, there should be a little distance between the legs there (it’s hard to explain what I mean, but try searching some reference images of woman’s frontal profile).
But if there is something good in that character, it’s her ass and legs, they are perfect :slight_smile:

Yup very good.

I endorse Jolly’s comments plus:

forearms are too thin, expecially in side view.

Knees have something funny I cant point the finger to, expecially in front view… looks like there is an horizontal line?

Keep it up!


Very nice model. I agree with the other S68, something about her knees aren’t right. And her shin from the side view almost appear to curve backward. But all in all that is one awsome babe!!!

They actually do, if person stands straight with stiff knees. Well, okay, the legs don’t actually bend backwards, it’s just an illusion. Sort of. If person would stand straight and so that the {portion of feet that has ankle, toes, etc} and shin would make 90° angle, the person would fall backwards because of balance-things. Agh. Loss of words struck me. Understand me, please. %|

Yea I know what your saying Jolly but shin bone actually curves outward more then backward. Check out this link has some really good reference pics. (caution some nudity)

Thankss Igdas! That’s a good link :slight_smile:
Though one must wonder why on earth the ladies have high heels if they’re supposed to be anatomical reference photos :stuck_out_tongue:

That have to look good don’t ya know. :-?


Thanks for the comments :slight_smile: The original body mesh, created
in Wings3d, had larger breasts which I attempted to reduce
in size after importing into Blender, I’ll have to work on them more
to get them right – probably mean having to add more faces.
The knees, now that its been brought to my attention, is what
bugs me the most. Again, thanks for your help.


To me, what seems wrong with the breasts is that they are pointing forward. Breasts, unless strapped up in a bra, tend to point to the side somewhat (45 degree’s or less from pointing forward).

Based on the head, I’m assuming that you’re not going for proportional acuracey, but the body as a whole seems a bit disproportionate (for instance, the rib cage seems too small, being around the same size as the head).

But it is still a well made model. Good job.

She´s got a very childish face comperad to her rather mature body… But very good modelling all in all.