Joan Of Arc (Blender Style) lol

Hi All,

I was looking for tutorials on faces, and came across the 3D max tut for joan of arc. I really liked how it explained all parts of the body and even the clothing etc. So…I decided to try it with blender.

I am sure others have too, but I couldnt find any in forums to go by, so mine is a bit messed up. :slight_smile: I am happy with what I have so far…here is the first render of it. I would appreciate any advice, especially with the following areas…

Eyes - How can I set them so that they dont have spaces on the sides yet arent popping through the eyelids?

Lips - As you can see there are some strange deformations on the lips where they meet…I cant seem to correct it.

I know the forehead is maybe too high, and the skin is a bit ICK. I also need to find out how to make the lips a diff color. Will have to read the blender guide again.

Thanks in Advance

i like it. of course it’s miles ahead of where i am, but even so… i think it’s very nice.
the baldness freaks me out though.

The lips and eyes are quite large, try sizing them down a bit and model the eye sockets to mold around the eye balls.

Don’t worry about texturing yet, just focus on the modelling.

If you’re interested you should try this tutorial as well, it’s one of my favourites:

I think that site might actually be down at the moment, if it doesn’t work now try again later. :wink:

It has a pretty cool creepiness the way it is now. Reminds me a bit of Gollum. If I was doing it, I’d make the eyes better and then call it done.
A good eye tutorial can be found here:

Actually believe it or not, thats the tut I used. I think I may have done it wrong, but if so I dont see how. I followed it to the letter. Hmmm :frowning:

Thanks…but actually, I am sure you could do this too. I just downloaded Blender a week ago. lol Its pretty easy, I just follow the tutorial, and use a lot of pics in the background, but then it isnt very original, although this one doesnt look anything like the joan of arc model. lol That was an accident. :slight_smile:

LOL, I’m doing the Joan of Arc body tut right now. 8)