Joan of Arc Question

At the bottom of the Modeling of the accessories page, how would you create the folds and creases in the model using Blender?

Just a wild guess, but you’re modelling Joan from a tutorial? Maybe giving a link to it so people can see what you’re talking about? Folds and creases… maybe something like shift-e?

Following the example images, you can use the knife tool to add the verts needed. Pressing K brings up the menu for a few options, but the shortcut for the midpoint knife tool is Ctrl+R. To use it, move the mouse to the faces you wish to cut. The yellow line represents which faces you wish to cut. Left click and the yellow line turns a blue-green color. You can move it to determine where to place the verts on the faces, then click to confirm.

So here, you would add two cuts pretty close to each other. Then select the skinny row of new faces and extrude them back.


TWO cuts! That’s where I was going wrong! Thanks for the quick help!