joan of arc references

hey all im having trouble running winzip can somone post the references to joan of arc in a jpg form?


All pictures are on here, if this is the joan of arc you mean.

thanks but you have to download a zip file on there and winzip isnt working atm so i need jpgs

right click and save what you want, or get a different compression tool, like winRAR if your having problems.

the ones you can download arnt there and cant get winrar

winace, damn winzip!

sorry but cant somone just post the jpgs?

There seems to be a hell of a lot of jpegs on that site! Theres absolutely no point anyone downloading those pictures, and posting them again here, it would take hours. I don’t understand why you cant get them yourself off that site? I must be misunderstanding something here.

no sorry your mis-understanding me when you take the tutorial (in english) it got a link to download the reference images you need but theyre in a zip format so i wanted one fo you to download them then post here

Why can’t you run any one of the decompression programs that have been mentioned?

well winzip isnt working and you may or maynot no but my computer was broke so i had to formatt so now my dad said dont download nothing without his permission and hes at work atm

I’m not sure I understand, can’t you see the images in your web browser? Why not just drag the ones you need to your desktop? Or just follow the tutorial in your browser?

Where is the link to the zip file? I dont see one here.

thankin ye kindly