Joan of Arc

Hi everyone. I’m sorry that I have not posted for a while but this summer has been tough for me and I was travelling a ton, but earlier today I started the Joan of Arc tutorial and this is what I have so far. Critiques and comments would be great. For those of you who don’t know this tutorial it is great and here is the link, but it was not intended for blender. I think it was made for Maya.


I use this one as well =) It’s great reference and technique guide.

It’s a good start! I feel in the front view her knees are a little round, the sides of the top and bottom of knees tuck in and out quite a bit, but if i remember in that tutorial there is a step that takes care of this.

Shape etc of the legs are really good!

Nothing much I can say right now but keep updating!


Thanks. I am going to fix the knees but first I would like to get the gist of the body done, actually I am having much trouble getting the pelvis to look normal it continues to look flat and the tutorial requires for tools which Blender does not have.

I have an odd request. I know this will sound very weird, but I also started doing a Joan of Arc. Do you mind If I learn with you? I can also post my WiP and OBJs here if you permit. The reason I can’t open a WiP thread here is I am not using Blender for this. But I’m following that same tutorial.

@shushens: Ya I am OK with that. Two minds are better than one, but what software are you using?

that’s XSI, by the look of it.