Joan of Arc

Hello guys,

Now I am modeling the character of joan of arc in Blender based on the tutorial
of joan of arc.
Here the tutorial :

At the moment I have a head modeling with the eyes, it have some texture to see it better, Hope you like it when I finish it I will upload it to blendswap :smiley:

I love that tutorial even though it is for another software.

Never Attempted making Joan of Arc but use the tut as guide to other characters ^^.

My comment the feet seems to have something wrong.

Good Job! ^^

@kaisaki1342 : You´re right, but the important here is know how to use the modeling tools, yes the tutorial is from 3dMax but it can be used in any modeling software :wink:

Another little update the body now have hands !!
Made some changes in the face, I made some detail.


Now I have to do is the Armor, the sword, fix the arms, probably I will create a better Scene :slight_smile:

Here I post new updates, I am working with the UV layout and the texture



Well more shaping, shaping and I leave the texture now I hate do an UV mapping all the time, for the moment I will fix some shape, then I will made the normal map (no UVs !!!)
and I have to do some test with textures :eek: