Job: Asked to learn a diferent program

theres a job oportunity, a simple 3d project, in my workplace, I tryed to apply as a Blender user, they asked me to learn a diferent tool such as max or maya for this task - for teaming up and compatibility issues, bla, bla, bla.

Since I never used a diferent tool, then Blender, does anyone have any kind of experience with these two ? Can anyone give me a sugestion? I’ve seen a few screenshots of maya, and the animation tools seem equal to Blenders… didnt find any info about it for max though.

The work will start somewhere in December…

If you dont mind, please leave me a sugestion.

OBS: In case you’re wondering whats needed to do, is modelling/animation

check wiki main page, i think there’s something about translating blender keystrokes to max, or how to do X in either package. There’s plenty of Max books and video tutorials, just be sure to put them in your budget along with desktop license…and new desktop PC to run Max/Maya too.

By searching for info from other users:

"…Max is simple to learn with but power and the industry standard. Max requires a faster machine to do things with plus it doesn’t run properly on Win9X, but what does these days.It’s good for animation. LW doesn’t put all that shit on your screen reducing your visibility and it has great snaps/grids. LW6 has great special effects and it’s really fast at certain things. As for MAYA, I only played with it for several minutes but i found the selection to be similar to that of Blender3D. "

hi PapaSmurf,
yes you are right, theres something about shortkey translationg in the wiki, I also remember something about it…I’ll search for that.


If the project is that simple, I would suggest you tell your boss that you could have it completed in the time it would take you to even just START to learn Max or Maya. Learn either in a month ? … IMO impossible.


I just recently finished an 8 week long training on 3ds Max, that after learning blender for about 14 months on my own + a one week intense training session. I think I can give you a relatively safe advise by saying that if you can avoid 3ds Max do so - I can not image that Maya is worse, from all I know it’s better.

Max is so astonishingly complicated, you have to click all the time, get caught in windows, have to click on the top of a stack just to get out of that window, then pop-up windows with strange error messages etc…

I think after 8 weeks I can do most basics in Max that I can in blender, only that some things seem just too complicated to bother with in Max… But of course it has it’s fans and there are many people who say it’s a great tool.

Maya seems to be more targeted at users with artistic ambitions, Max might be more for the Windows PC geek/technical designer. I think Maya is cheaper (just in case…).

For me 8 weeks on Max just made me appreciate blender even more, having said that, I also found it a good thing to get to know all the 3d basics in another software, even if it is badly implemented, you start looking at things from a different perspective and gain new insights - maybe a good thought if you get really frustrated with a software where all your shortcuts don’t work and you even start using Max shortcuts on blender…

Hi ppl, thanks for your sugestions Mike_S andindiworks,
first, yes, I tryed to say so, but I’m just needed to acomplish a small task,
walk cycles and gestures, basic use of program, moste likely use only the
animation tools.

Indiworks, I apreciate a lot your observations, for all the information I’ve
found around the web, there’s lots of people talking about those bugs,
etc. I guess, I may try Maya, its a nice sugestion, since you’ve got a
background and experienice with max.

thanks :slight_smile:

If you are going to be animating something someone else has built and rigged, I think you’ll find a lot of similarities between Max and Blender. Max has something called a chart iirc, and it looks and works an awful lot like an IPO window.

The workflow is roughly the same, both have an automatic mode which creates keyframes for you, both give you several interpolation options. Shouldn’t take too long to learn that part of Max, especially if there are others who can give you some pointers.

Modeling in Max, otoh, is a completely different story. Just be sure to save your work often. Blender is much more stable, you might have gotten out of the habit of saving frequently.

Yeah tks Orinoco! With similarities, I guess the learn curve would drecrease a lot, anyway its allways a hard task to work in a diferent way, then what we are woste too. This is going to be fun…

It would be really helpfull, if there were a Standardized file extension, that could work with any 3d plataform, such as .OBJ, but for animation. Dont know if that could be possible…