I have been using blender for a few years now, and although my work thus far has been mostly learning, i have produced a few quality designs and have always dreamed of getting a job in art. I work at a movie store and really feel like i am misplaced there.
If anyone knows of any job openings and what to do to get a foot in the door, let me know.
Internships paid or unpaid would be amazing too, anything to feel like i am moving forward.

thank you all for reading!


Honestly i think this way you will not get into the CG buisiness…
The two major ways i see are:

Make a Portfolio and/or Demoreel and apply to as many companies as possible…

Or make some outstanding work, post it on CGTalk and wait for companies to contract you. And only a few made it this way. ^^

Foot in the door or friendly turns will not really help you. The best thing you can expect is someone who knows about some open job or someone in a company to get you an interview.

eh, its worth a shot, i seem to recall blender itself having opportunities to work in a group together on short film projects. even knowing about these will help greatly.

Well, there are always people wanting to make something, and needing help.
Just watch the threads for something promising and chip in.
Most of them fall through, but if you want to find a job in the forums, I figure your best chance is to work with somebody who has a great idea and needs help.

there is some work to be found producing elements for television commercials (if that’s what your into). There are two types of clients that have commercials produced, most larger clients go through an agency so I wouldn’t worry about them. Smaller businesses however go directy to the TV Station and have them produce their commercials. TV Stations generaly don’t offer 3D as it is too time consuming and would blow out the budget, you may pick up some work If you approach the smaller clients directly. You may have to regester yourself as a business if you go down this track.
Good Luck

exactly. I think this is what the majority of the pros on here do - mograph, conference stuff, tv spots, even stuff like DVD menus or festival visuals.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat :yes:

In my opinion you should try everything you can - that’s what I do when I am out of work and I work in the finance industry - where numbers and good communications are good skills to have. In my job specialisation - I have to compete with entry level folks, ethnic minority women, and the likes . . . so I know that a shotgun approach works. When I am in between jobs, I temp out as a labourer. And given the current economic uncertainty, you may wish to have more than one skill set - working in a video store must give you opportunity to add other skill-sets like a first aid course, another language and so on.

self growth is always good! that makes me want to take up spanish again. (im terrible at it though)

Try to look at it this way…

… what would you do if the situation were reversed?

In other words: what would you do if you were the person who (desperately…) needed to hire someone?

You have a $15 Million budget. You have six weeks. You have a film that has to be completed in forty-six weeks.

“Money is no problem.”

You have a problem.

First of all… you’re staring at an inbox full of the resumes of thousands of “hopefuls (just like you.)” Do you have the time to begin to open all those messages? (Answer: no.)

So… you are naturally going to hit upon the idea that, “the people who actually have the skills that I need to buy are going to raise themselves above the level of the pond.” In other words, they are going to have at-least enough of a grasp of “what I am looking for” to try to put themselves onto my radar."

(Think about it… is that not a reasonable strategy?)

Hey… you know that you are going to have to train them. You know that you are going to have to teach them a lot about how “your” shop runs. But you also know that “only one in a thousand” of those ‘wannabees’ are going to think to get that far. And you know that this will, by itself, reduce your search-space by a factor of (at least) one thousand. . .

so what would you suggest to become the stand out person?

  1. Have a resume
  2. Have a porfolio with a 3-5 min animation demo with a pixar-like graphics.
  3. Your own website
  4. Call up all 3D/graphics folks around your locality, try to make an appointment with at least 5 of them. Get information off them.
  5. There will be may blender projects coming up in the future, have you the skills to be in the team ?
    …these are some suggestions - you own background should have other opportunities. And if you follow what I stated above, you have your own attitude plus a 5% advantage.

that is great advice, thank you!

My teacher once said ’ the kind of guy that gets a job in this industry is one that spends 3 months, 7 days a week, 9-5 working on his demoreel’. Also don’t give up after your first rejection, keep applying at different companies.

I’d say start by at least moving your present job into a related industry, like apply for entry-level jobs at local ad firms, archi firms or graphics design or sign shops. This will at least let you make some personal contacts with people who either need visual work done or know someone who does. As with any industry, its not what you know, but who you know that counts. Cliche? Yes, but true!

However, you’ll likely even then need to do some “cold calling” at various local businesses who you could imagine might need your services. Remember, people are just people anywhere… they may look at you crazy but who cares? and they may say, “yeah, I need such-n-such done and I didn’t know who might be able to do that. Do you think you can?” Whether or not you do, say “yes”. Then you have the chance to make some money and some contacts and maybe even some fodder for the reel.

One of my favorite stories was about how Bill Gates, when IBM asked him if he could provide an OS for their new PC said “sure!” even tho he had nothing and no clue as to how. He and Ballmer scrambled around, bought an old system for $50k, “tweaked” it and went on to make billions.

Another thing to do that may help “pad” the reel, is to do some volunteer imagery for local charity organizations. It gives you practice and purpose/motivation for a project rather than having to come up with it all on your own.

3-5 mins is too long.

make it short and sweet or no-one will want to watch it…