Job offering in CT

The company I work for is looking to hire an entry level 3d graphic artist. We build real-time marine simulation databases. We are located in south eastern CT, USA. We are willing to train someone with a general knowledge of 3d. Photoshop experience is also required. We offer matching 401k and benefits.

For an example of the work we do please look here

If you have any questions or would like to send a resume please do. [email protected]

sounds like fun :slight_smile:

too bad one is living on other side of Atlantic :wink:

good luck finding a person !

haha that sounds like exactly what I’m doing at the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric sciences at Oregon State University :slight_smile: Tying databases into realtime visualizations through SQL database scripting with python and Blender’s Game engine. You can do a lot of amazing stuff with that.

I’m still in college and not looking for another job at the moment (especially one on the other side of the country). Good luck though!

RipSting: I would love to hear more about what you are doing. I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate Blender into my daily workflow. I’ve never done any SQL but on a side note, I would love to be able to import geospecific data directly into blender. How are you using the game engine?

Oh if what you’re looking for is terrain modeling, then that’s something else that I’ve done. I was originally thinking of ways to store terrain data in a database, but I found that an uncompressed JPG that is loaded into memory acts much more efficiently than making calls to a database, and can have variable sizes and resolutions.

This example uses the Python Imaging Library (PIL) to allow the ability to create a terrain flyover (although not in realtime because I’m using a 21583x16016 pixel image which is about 1.8GB of uncompressed data) at 15 meter+ resolution. The pixels are also linearly interpolated if you zoom in past 15 meters.

I’ve included all the instructions you should need to run this in Blender- as long as you provide your own image. All you’ll need is an installation of Global Mapper to make your image. You will also need to install Python 2.3 and the corresponding Python Imaging Library- with their paths set in the PYTHONPATH environment variable (Check out the python & plugins forum for a sticky on how to do this).

Here’s the 1.23MB download:

As for the database/game engine: I used the python ODBC library to access an SQL database containing temperatures from all over the world. I then used the game engine to “play back” a user-defined timeframe of temperatures and vertex-paint them onto a globe. It was pretty simple.

Are you using Multigen or another simulation program?

I am educated in MultiGen Creator!

this was though 1998-99, but I guess I would still find my way through it :wink:

but it is so costy!
at least it was…

RipString: Thanks for the download. I am a bit confused as to the format of the image? I am using other GIS programs such as MicroDEM, maybe I can generate the image from there. We don’t own GlobalMapper and it looks like you can’t export anything without purchasing. The script looks like it will do exactly what I would like to do.
I’ve generated terrain for blender using grayscale maps and disp but you know the huge limitations there.

erich: yes, we are using multigen and it is still very expensive. I would say it is much easier to master than blender, if you can get around in blender I have no doubt you can learn multigen.

We are looking for someone who can come into the office everyday. Sorry, no telecommuting options yet!

I live in Connecticut… but I’m only 15…

What part of CT are you in? I grew up in Ridgefield / Danbury.

@_@ I sent my resume

::crosses fingers::

It would be far more interesting if the company was receptive to using the Internet for what it’s built for. (Having said that, I don’t know if they are or not…) %|

But… with virtual private networking (IPsec, VPN) you can hire talent from anywhere in the nation, be in contact with them every single day, and never have to provide them an expensive rented cubicle. (And if you are conducive to that, by all means private-message me! :smiley: )

The Internet: conquering geography. Making the office building (and the commute) a thing of the past.