Job Opening in our Company

we are looking for a Blender Developer, fresher or having some 6 months or 1 yr. experience.
if anybody interested, pls. post me his/her resume at [email protected].

with best wishes

By ‘Blender Developer’, do you mean a programmer to work with Blender’s code?

no, we require person to make animated movie and graphic using blender software.
also i would clarify that the location is noida, india

That’s what I first thought, but I think ‘developer’ is usually used for the pople who develop software.

I don’t think I’d be a suitable candidate for three reasons:

1: I’m in Victoria, Australia

2: I’m quite unskilled with blender (I actually have really used it for months)

3: I’m probably a bit young.

ILL TAKE THE JOB… oo wait…if u can fly me home and to work every day from new york lol

When posting a need for applicants for a graphics job…
#1. Give details on what it consists of.
#2. State a negotional pricing range of work per hour.
#3. Create a legitimate contract.
Otherwise, this would look phony to me.

Three very imporatant factors, although number 2 is somthing that is often left out though.

Country /location is just as important, also what the job consists of in detail helps even more :rolleyes: Part time, full time employment or contract /freelance?

Gmail (free) accounts are also not very a very good sign for job offerings. Talking in sms syl cus itz srhter doesnt aid professionalism either…

My responz to taht iz lsibglaisubgl;uibi lol