Job opportunity

I know this is kinda off topic but I work for a game studio and we are making a RPG called The Legends of Apalia. My boss asked me if I would try to find a couple of people who would like to come join the team. We are looking for some modelers to help in the creation of our levels. We need some building, tree and shrub, and landscape modelers. If anyone here has any experience with doing anything like this, please email my boss at: [email protected] You can find out more info about this game here:


where are you located? or will you accept work and pay and stuff entirely online?

[I don’t have the skills to help you, but I figured other people would want to know]

No, u dont have to relocate, you just send your stuff to him through the internet.

oke so I’d be like:
I get a sketch and model it? no problem to export to the desired format?

so you have a jop oppertunity. please explain to me what a jop is. i have never heard of it :stuck_out_tongue: .

oops, sorry, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

me! me! :smiley:

Hey Tracer
I mailed your boss. I will model a building to see if I fit the required level. May we meet on irc, icq, msn? I heard you lead the blendergroup. He asked me to join the blendergroup…

anyways, you can drop me a mail, anytime; marc.chehab ‘a*t’

Sure, np

sorry that was my e-mail. my msn-e-mail [© by chimera ;P] is [email protected]

hey Tracer Im pretty much interested on modeling but im not sure if i fit the requirments and I have never work with a group before but an explanation how things work will give an idea.

here’s a quick modeling i did if yer interested :slight_smile:

Hey man, its not that hard. If I can do it then I’m sure you can. Nice pic by the way. Show that to my boss and you will more then likely get hired.

Basically all that happens is this: You show my boss that you can do what he wants. Then you get hired. Then he sends you refrence pics and you model what you see. Then you email the final product to me or my boss(details still being worked out). Its pretty simple.

is the offer still there?


are we talking real world money here? if so i could be interested
price per model ?

Yup, anyone can still join.

I could help, if you still need some.

Yea, go ahead. Still could use a few more.

I wanna join too, im working on a scene right now to show what Im capable of. I can do whatever you want, modeling houses, landscapes, characters etc. Tell your boss to leave a place for me so I can finish the scene.

I suggested this to someone else who was needing modellers etc. but don’t you think it would be easier instead of getting individuals to work on a given model to post the reference pics as competitions so that you get more than one person working on a model. That way you can cherry pick the best and award them a cash prize or whatever.

There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition to not only get people motivated to meet deadlines but to make theirs the best. I think you’d have to do it when @ndy was busy though or he migh scoop all the money ;).

If you don’t think that would be a good idea, I’d still be interested in doing some modelling myself.

Thats a good idea. I like it. I will tell my boss. :slight_smile: