Job positions for The Diddlys animation tv series

As I don’t want to create more topics, I will write here all the job positions available, that we offer for the Diddlys animation.

(If you apply for a specific job please send us your works but also a list where you specify where you are very good at, like rigging, material nodes, modeling, etc but we also want to know the domains where you are not so experience)

And I want to clarify the all the jobs are remotely and are made thru freelancing and with flexible program,
And the prices are also flexible depending on experience and quality you can offer.
But we usually look for high quality.

Our project is a TV series animation for kids called The Diddlys
And each episode will have about 5 minutes, and we want to make 2 episodes each month for about 20 episodes or more.

Job Lists:

Character animator Knowing to replicate the same or even better quality as in the pilot animation. We need roughly 40 seconds per week which can get you up to 1200$ per month. 300$ for every 40 seconds of animation.

Character modeler Modeling with Subdivision Surface and low polys without rigging and materials. And experience in the sculpting domain it will be considered.
130$ per human model.

Environment artist Modeling with Subdivision Surface and low polys. And experience in the sculpting domain it will be considered. Between 10$ to 100$ per models, depending on the complexity.

Character rigging Knowing Rigify and scripted drivers and working in complex stuff, 50$ per human model, depending on the complexity. But we give 50$ for each human character.

3d Generalist and technical director. Between 1000$ for every 10 minutes of animation, depending on the experience you have with every aspect of the software.

Lighting & Compositing Artist. Can work with Blender 2.8. and have strong knowledge of Material nodes, Textures, Lighting, Composition, Shading, Color grade, and rendering with Eevee engine. (1000$ for every 10 minutes of animation)

Concept Artist
30$ per drawing

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