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I was browsing hotjobs when I thought to myself “It’s been a while since I looked for a ‘Blender-job’”, I typed blender and got cooking jobs :smiley: …but in the very last page…JOB

3D Engineer
Job ID: 0SC012
Location: Alexandria, VA; Alexandria, VA
Position Type: Employee
Position Duration: Full-Time
Date Posted: 02/25/2003

Job Description: Develop 3D applications
Required Education: B.S.-Ph.D in C.S., E.E. or related field/work experience.

Required Skills: 6-8 years of software development, 4 years of JAVA, 2 years of Java2, 3D graphics US citizen with security clearance.

Desired Skills: C++, JNI, Collaborative Software, Open Source contributions, OSG, 3D editing software, 3DSMax, Maya, Blender

it’s “just” one job but it’s a start!

yeah nice :smiley:

sorry i just got that job

they just rang me and said i had it!!!

you gotta be kidding… :o

you gotta be kidding… :o[/quote]

He is kidding.

you gotta be kidding… :o[/quote]

He is kidding.[/quote]


Thats pretty cool acctually!!!
I cant wait for other employers to learn of Blender and then want to hire people who know the program, and it would even be better if those employers lived in my area… hehe :wink:
But seriously, i think knowing Blender could very well be more of a demand in 3D jobs in the near future. And hopefully its because alot of 3D companies like the price tag on blender rather than having some max or maya licence for ALL their computers… very $$$!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

PS: Blendermax, if your going for that job, best of luck to you man!!! :wink: