Jobs forum (yes, again)

Hey everyone,

after some quiet time (I’ve been having serious stuff going on in real life, but it’s over now), I’m back.

And I also do have a quite important project, for which I’d need to hire a few talented Blender modelers. It’s mostly freelance work, but it would be paid (not much, but anyway), and the project itself can easily become the most important piece of Blender work ever done (hint: feature length film shot on RED and distributed globally).

I said mostly freelance, because the project is currently in pre-production and we’re still organizing. Once it kicks off, I presume we’d have to set up a real life studio along the lines of what the Blender Foundation does.

However, there is no jobs forum (yet), so I need to ask: where can I post a call for help without ending up looking like a moron?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I’m just adding my voice. The mods certainly know where I stand on this. Right now there is not a section where one can post a professional resume, or a request for professional help. Asking for paid help on this forum is like painting a bulls-eye on your face and handing out rotten tomatoes.

We want this. We want a dedicated, moderated section. I will moderate it if you can’t find anyone else. Put it to a community vote, maybe there are those that would be opposed to making money, but I doubt it.

You could try contacting the admins at BlenderNation, they are quite community based and they might mention this. I do agree there should be a jobs forum too, although blendswap would be a free alternative for the average user.