Joco the n00b of blender

Hello everybody!
I am a pure newbie with blender and haven’t reached very far yet. Please have a look at this sword and if anyone can tell me how i can make the balde shiny I would be very glad.

Then some of my other tries:

Gr8 start. I like the chair.

Good start! But stop using the default background, change it to a nicer colour!

Sword modeling is pretty good and so is the chair.

As to your question about shiny-ness on the sword, you’ll probably want to increase its specularity (the “Spec” option in the “Shaders” panel of the Materials buttons).

The glass looks a little funny. There seem to be some subsurfacing artifacts and the glass doesn’t actually look refractive at all.

The chair’s good though, it’s nice to see that you actually bothered to make the grain in the different pieces of wood pointing the right directions.

The problem with your glass is that it has bad geometry- probably poles (poles are vertices where 5 or more edges meet- it looks bad if not used correctly).

The key to getting anything reflective to look good is to give it something to reflect. Put it in an environment or look for some HDRI tutorials.