Joe's F1 vehicle

Hello everyone, this is my attempt at the f1 challenge. Its not finished yet and it would be great have some critique so I can improve.
Thanks, Joe.

[email protected]$$! Loving the design for sure,

Do you have antialiasing on? The textures look a little harsh. In fact, so does your gemoetry, maybe add a level or two of subsurf.

Anyway, really like the design, gonna watch this thread…

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

small update. I’m not really sure about the man yet, I’m gonna give him cloths and add detail to his helmet next

How do you do antialiasing on blender? I think I did it a bit but im not sure…


Looks like you have it, but it’s under the scene buttons, on the render panel. It’s called ‘OSA’.

I LOVE this design, probably the best I’ve seen out of all the ones on this forum so far.(Sorry, everyone else. :P)

thanks hobojoe, i thought it might be that but i wasnt sure

I’m not happy with the road yet but its still in progress…


any feedback would be useful :slight_smile:

that looks like the speederbike from star wars. (next gen).

Yeah, i did take some inspiration from the starwars speedbikes

Looks like a toy or something… nice surface texturing but the geometry seems chaotic.

what do you mean by chaotic geometry?

In the 3 bike picture, why are they all driving in different directions. It’s more likely they’d be either tucked in behind each other or passing with similar directions. the way you have them positioned makes it look like a clusterfuck of a race.

lol, thats true. Hope this looks better:

Also if anyone has any suggestions to how they think the bikes should be positioned or what i should use for the backdrop that would be helpful.


Very nice so far!
Try putting the drivers heads in different positions (maybe looking at each other).
The bodies of the cars seem a bit unrefined or lacking detail. Things like mirrors or aerodynamic devices coulod help.

Go red! :slight_smile:

Ciao for now!