Johan Visagie - Sketchbook

Modelling noob, experimenting in Blender and enjoying myself alone the way!

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Iso room - swedish house, TV room!

Playing with low poly models, Fire Pumper Truck.

I clearly like the ISO rooms! Generic bedroom.

My Low Poly Town. Some elements still need some work (like car and train).

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Ship communication cabin

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This was fun, both playing and drawing!!

South African G5 howitzer, need some more detail…I think.


1829 Stephenson’s Rocket was an early steam locomotive of 0-2-2 wheel arrangement. How do you keep your motivation to complete a model after you see the model was already created :wink: Maybe I’ll finish it some day.

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Playing with character modeling. I liked the simplistic look. I was modeled off hand drawing from artist @o0ez0o, “Pik”. Thanks, Yi!!


Based on Icom IC-7000 amature radio. Maybe in the future i need to improve the microphone.
Played with beizercurve and screw modifier.

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The Gettysburg Civil War Cannon.
Nice fun model

Started at trying to recreate a scene (picture from Pinterest). Added the needed level of detail to make it look real enough. Think it can out “ok”.

Reliving childhood. Played with LDraw tools and importing to render with Cycles.

Blender artist: ok, no do something complex
Family: WOW!!!

That’s a really cute model! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Thank you so much! I like it! :hugs:

Wondering how did you find this work, it was created like 5 years ago on! lol

Ratel South African infantry fighting vehicle

Modeled during 2021 Christmas break.


The old forest house
Playing with textures and day-night renders.

Willys Jeep

Willys Jeep created from Modelik Nr10/02. Some more detail than my normal projects. Still have a lot of work to do with my rendering and UV unwrapping. For now it stays fun creating the models.