Johann Krauss


I started this guy awhile ago and did work on it between freelance gigs. I was aiming to get some experience with tessellation and displacement maps, and working in PBR. All modelling and uv mapping in Blender, sculpting in Zbrush, texturing in Substance Designer and Substance Painter, rendered in Marmoset.

cool model, would like to see it animated.

Looks awesome! Great Job

Hi Mongrelman, I’m interested by your workflow here, did you model the suit on top of a base mesh or did you directly sculpt+retopo it from scratch?
Good work!

Cheers all.

I took hard surface parts into zbrush then fit an existing human base mesh to rough out the fabric parts. This was then dynameshed and I used polygroups/grouploops to seperate the leather and cloth parts and add a seam between them. Then the folds were sculpted, taking into account the surrounding hard surface pieces.