Johanna, the crusader | Fanart - Blizzard games

A personal job I’ve been working on the spare time, this one really took a long way but I loved the results! As always, lots of small things that could have been done better but I decided it was time to post this one so that I can start the next!
Nice to mention that, apart from the skin, all materials don’t use UVs. Rendered in 2 hours by Rendergrid, 8000 samples, 4000x3000 resolution. Cloth and body sculpted in Blender, high and low resolution with multires modifier. Apart from the textures of the skin which were painted in Substance Painter, everything else is Blender.

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Loving the character, but remembering from original character, I think you could have soften up her features… but nonetheless, good job!

Thanks for your comment zingzong! I did it on purpose to push her expressions a bit further, made her really strong and angry, but in a reallistic way, didnt go for the beautiful, smooth look. With this one I wanted to go out of the curve. The thing I regret more is that I could have worked better on her dress and armor, but its ok, it was time to start my next one :slight_smile: