"Johannes" Real time head rendered in GLSL

Hello Guys, This week I decided that I would try to mess around with glsl shaders.
So monday I did this speed sculpt in blender “1 hour”:

And during the week I retopologized it “from 300 000 tris to 2500”, and I created node shaders.
I did a Fake sss from scratch, and I modified a parrallax shader found on the forum to make the eye shader.
I faked the comb map for the anisotropy of the hair using a derivative normal map.
And here is the result !

Great work. The fake SSS is well done. I always play around the diffuse ramp and create a fresnel type effect to give skin a softer feel.

Pretty awesome!

Yesterday while playing “Beyond two souls” I figured out how to get my fake sss working a lot better.
I use my back scatter with a ramp, so it’s displayed exactly at the limit beetween light and shadow, I think it’s kind of working well !

waoh really really cool. The update is even better.

this is very nice work. a great sculpt in that amount of time too!