for this portrait i made basemesh in blender, to get the correct proportions, then moved on to dynatopo to get the modeling, then exported to zbrush for refining the modeling. rendered in cycles…

Good work man, I love the baroque style lighting. What system of shaders did you use if you dont mind me asking?

It’s nice, I think that the eyeballs are smaller than what they should be.

Btw, why did you have to use zbrush to fine tunning at the end?, I have tested dyntopo and I think all the fine details can be done there, there is something I am missing?

knives, it is a relatively simple material…

caballo, my mac is to weak to get highpolycount in dynatopo, but in zbrush it can handle lots of polygons. thats the reason.

nice sculpting, I already commented it,
Just some notes on your nodes setup.
You tend to use too many BSDF and BSDF mixer.
You could just use color mix instead. This could result to faster renderings.
I also avoid to use colors in coloramp. Just use it as a factor for color mixer. This gives me more control. Because it’s a factor and can be used to control more complex node setups.

very nice work doris!

ng-material, thanks :slight_smile:
michalis, good point. i try with next material, i was never aware of the many bsdf might increase rendertime. thanks !!