John_9998's BWC - "lookout for adventures" (Final version)

Hi all!

I’ve been working on this piece for a while now in the WIP section and I think it’s finally good enough to be posted here to get some c&c before I call it finished and submits it.

I would like any sort of comments or crits on this one to make it as good as it can possibly become : )

Lookout for adventures

Highres version:

The white seems very flat, though I like the impression it gives some small amount of shading may look a tad better.

You could also try to reveal a touch more detail in the top right of the image especially if your sticking with the solid white, it detracts from the picture with the sheer lack of details. Nothing prominent but just subtle I feel could work better.

hi Odeas! thank you for posting : )

I can see what you mean about the white, maybe it’s too white, but I don’t know how to darken it without revealing more of the outside environment… I have to think about that.

About the black in the top right I’m sure I can light it up a bit. The detail is there it just have to be brighter which I’ll defenitly fix.

Keep the crits comming : )

What have you got actually outside?

Some simple shapes to very slightly reveal may work to break it up?

A very slight silhouette or outline of some towers / horses / dino’s / etc may help with the looking out for the adventure?

What I’ve actually got outside is a simple subdivided plane with a displacement map added to it… (simple and it kinda works :P)

And I really don’t know myself what I want the world outside the cave to be, most of the time I’ve thought of it as a jungle but to be honest I’m not very professional and I can’t make a entire forest in 3d outside that cave. Dinos would work but the same thing there, I can’t make a entire dinosaur, and would a siluette be enough to add something to the picture?

Towers should be easy to add but that would lead away from the feeling I’m trying to get…

I could try to place a simple image of a forest outside or maybe add some more (closer) mountains in the background and reveal them. I’ll have to try some diffrent things and see if it turn out good.

I also initially thought jungle too but forgot to mention it but remember you may get away with only very light silhouettes.

You don’t need to show the details as this would be for the viewer to imagine but something to start them off might be nice?

Yea, I’ll try to add something far back in the picture, something like a pack of longneck-vegetarian-dinosaurs in the distance. Maybe I also can add some low detailed flying dinos which could be a little closer, without erasing all the possibilities of the viewer to imagine though.

I’ll have to step back to modelling stage and see what I can come up with.

I think just the tops of trees towards the lower part of the “white space” would be good–giving the impression that the cave is up on a mountainside, overlooking a valley.

Ok, after taking in some of the crits I’ve done a final version of the picture, I didn’t have the skills to do all the stuff I wanted but I’m still very happy with the result.

There’s also a hidden secret in the picture! A cookie to the one who finds it!!

Low Res:

High res