John Olivers take on iPhone controversy


I could lecture Bethesda Software with Fallout 40’s nostalgia,Nostalgia Critic,Game Theorists talking about Mary Popins.I love 90’s I don’t about 40’s.

As for myself, I fail to find “controversy” here. If someone has managed to murder fourteen people, and there even conceivably might(!) be … duh … evidence on this cretin’s “work phone,” then ‘the essential legal issues here’ were settled … in 1791. :RocknRoll:

It was in that year that the Fourth Amendment became law. On the one hand, it said that citizens had the right to “be secure.” But, on the other hand, it also clearly said that the government had the right to “search and seize.”

Both of these concepts were guaranteed … as usual (heh …) … in just one English sentence.

IMHO, Apple should promptly comply with the Court’s lawful order, and be prepared to do so again, anytime and everytime in the future.

The mere fact that a piece of data is encrypted does not, in the eyes of the Law, make that data privileged (read: “exempt from the Fourth Amendment”). Furthermore, any conclusions that may be reached about “a particular piece of data,” “in a particular case,” “whether or not(!)” said piece of data is (or is not …) ‘encrypted,’ does not create a steadfast legal principle which then may be applied with regards to: “all data which might (happen to) be ‘encrypted.’”

Translation: “Why must I care that you put ‘it’ in a Red (or Blue, or Purple-Polka-Dotted…) Box? The Court has duly authorized me to Search and Seize ‘it!’” Therefore, do not stand in my way.

Embedding for convenience. I thought he did a pretty good job explaining the situation for non-techies (saved me from needing to try to explain it to my dad).