hello my friends, this is my latest 3d modeling practice. hopefully you like it guys
enjoy :slight_smile:

It actually looks like John Lennon, but, since you’ve chosen a cartoonish style, I think you should stylize the hair and beard, it drags your image down, but nice work anyway ; you might end up with a nice piece of art with some more work !

great likeness of John, the hair is definitely the weakest link.

@Tjill & ringbarkis:
yes i tried to creating 3d model of John lennon.
i think you are right about the hair, i need to learn more about creating hair particle and the way to reder it in blender.

anyway, thanks for your comments guys :slight_smile:

this is the update for my render
i decide to change the hair particle and the lighting.

hope you like it guys.
cnc wellcome.