join 8 sided cylinders to multiple bordering 4 sided faces

Hey everybody,

I am modeling a fiddler crab. For the legs I have created a series of 8-sided cylinders, extruded and tapered and finally capped and then duplicated this leg 5 times.

For the shell body I created a cube and sub-divided twice such that each of the cube’s origin sides is 4x4 faces (16 faces a side for each original side).

Now my problem: the 2 front bottom side faces on the front will be the claws and the 6 bottom side faces will be the legs…

…but each of these faces on the shell has only 4 sides and each of the legs has 8 sides plus each of the faces on the shell border one another where they’ll be connected to the legs so that when the legs are attached they’ll be joined at some of their sides.

I need to attach each of these legs to the faces but how is the best way to do this?




OK, the way to do this is:

<Select Face Mode>+RMB+<Alt>+RMB to select the circumference the legs are being added to
& then

<SHFT>-RMB to select the separate meshes you need to join
& then

Then select the opposing edges you want to join and then type ‘f’ to create a face between them

But I need to go back from the start and add one leg at a time (maybe using mirroring to add the same leg on the other side).

Other solution is to add cuts on crab body. Check this video out on creating that type of model: