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Are you seeking direction in Blender?

Not sure what to do next?

Then why don’t you join a game project?

Game projects are incredibly hard and take a lot of work. If you joined a team, you could reduce the work load for those already in the team, and you could get your name in the credits.
Most team leaders are always looking for assistance in their game projects, because they need your help!
There are a lot of good game concepts out there, but when someone decides to take one on, chances are that unless he/she is relentlessly working on it with a team, the game project will be left unfinished, effectively wasting precious space on the person’s computer, not to mention how heartbroken the team leader would feel…

If you want to tackle the Blender Game Engine head on, then why not go to the below link, and adopt a game?

But for those of you who would rather not adopt or start a game project, if you just want something to do while you wait for some inspiration, then joining a game project is the way to go.
To join a game project, simply follow the link to a game or PM the team leader (or e-mail if applicable).


Title: Deadmans Frag

Team Leader: WWK

Current Team: Doggie_B, Knightedskull, Klorine, Jezzabetz, Nokirar, Zero Verdict, Zix, MinceMeat, Tictoon

Brief: A group of alien refugees have come to the Milky Way galaxy to escape from the universal invasion. They come to warn humanity of the impending doom and take refuge within our galaxy. The world has come to an alliance with the refugee aliens. With their advanced technology, the aliens have made a series of planets inhabitable, with some still remaining to live on earth. Earth trades technology and knowledge with the aliens and the aliens managing peace in the galaxy.

Years Later (Where you will play)
An anti-alien group was formed that wanted to get rid of the aliens in any way possible. Now the invasion force has arrived .You fight for land and your galaxy and your cause.

Recruiting: Modellers, Python Scripters, Texture Artists, Animators, Concept Artists



Title: Project Purification

Team Leader: Doggie_B

Current Team: Badman, EvilTwin, HyperReal, Nikorar, WWK

Brief: Main character is Forty Max. His mother was a whore and his father was an unknown customer. His mother was killed when Forty was three years old, so he was raised in a weird cult. In this cult he was called “Forty Max” (refers to the Latin word “fortis”, which means “power” and the Latin word “maximus”, which means “extreme”). The cult seems to be a sort of mafia clan, but Forty doesn’t know this. At the age of 18, Forty is allowed to do some “jobs”. Forty is being used by the cult leader for killing other mafia clans, but Forty doesn’t know this.

Recruiting: Experienced Animator, Voice Actor



Title: Disaster Follows

Team Leader: zeflis (zw_rcfreak<at>

Current Team: Zootanore, The Bigfoot, konadood, Lilgrudgeboy, The Wilke

Brief: The story goes something like this so far: you have a dream about a black creature and yourself in a sword fight. You start to lose and the creature tries to stab you, then you wake up. You then find out that 1 of your friends has been missing for several days after they went looking for something. You go to investigate and find a small temple/dungeon sort of thing so you go into it and find a sword and shield after you fight a mini-boss. A strange sludge then engulfs the building and several others, so you then have to destroy it. The sludge then sucks you into it and makes a copy of you which is going to be the final boss (similar to metroid fusion).

Recruiting: Scripters, Modellers, Designers, Animators, Texture Artists.



Title: CYCLON: abysus

Team Leader: Dilopho DD

Current Team: Birdman, victorbalbio, Minifig, Retro world, Jezzabetz.

Brief: In the year 2028, on a tropical island, people invent a computer controlled human-virus that makes you stronger, faster and smarter. But the computer gets hacked and everybody got mad. They want to kill everything around them, except other people with the virus. You (as player), an up-graded (chip in head), heavy armored guy, are going to the island with your team to take out the virus and the man who hacked the system. All the people on that island are already dead, except for the one who hacked the system. All the other people are some kind of zombies. They are still alive, but their brains are turned off and they have no free will. On the first day on the island, the first night, the island looks like a paradise. You and your team where having some fun on the sunny, palmy beach of Anzulu, Then the night fell. While everyone was sleeping, a couple of “zombies” came to your camp and killed a lot of your teammates. Before you got killed, you grabbed your weapon and took everyone down. Only you and 6 other guys survived. You and your 6 teammates will have to complete the mission yourselves…

Recruiting: Scripters, Modellers, Designers, Animators, Texture Artists.



Title: Parkours Pro

Team Leader: Ionee

Brief: <None> My interpretation (does not represent that of Ionee or any of the team’s members) - A Mirrors Edge style free runner Parkour game that is progressing very nicely. Watch this video for a look at an area;

Recruiting: Animators.



Title: ColdBlood

Team Leader: shotforce

Current Team: Robo3dguy, kinghybodo, elnanni, Retroworld, ALLEYCAT.

Brief: This will be a CloseCombat FPS

there will be 3 classes to chose on :

*Sniper (uses all kind of sniper rifles)

*Assault uses all kind of assault weapons)

*Spec Ops (usese all kind of submachine guns)

EveryTime u die u will have the chance to switch to sniper, Assault or Spec ops.

Recruiting: Texture Artist, Modellers, Animators.



Title: One Man Army

Team Leader: Vicegrip

Current Team: -Tom-, JewStyleKungFu, Mincemeat

Brief: You wake up after being frozen and enter a world which has been nearly destroyed. You know nothing except how to breathe walk shoot (the basics). As you get thru the game you find out more about what happened and you learn who you are and what happened to you. More to come haha

Recruiting: Modellers, Animators, Scriptors



Title: Chibii

Team Leader: Alamkira

Current Team: just Alamkira

Brief: your a rigged mesh and your trying to work your way up to the add button and into the model hall of fame with big buck bunny,Frankie,momo etc.
but to get there you have to fight your way to the top,you start with fighting the default
cube that can shoot python scripts and hit you.and then you move on to the UV sphere and after fighting some other basic meshes you move on to the game characters like big buck bunny,momo Frankie etc.

Recruiting: Modellers, Texture Artists, Animators, Python Scriptors


Title: Advent

Team Leader: zymn

Current Team: just zymn

Brief: So I haven’t got much, but I have a rigged non-textured character who will be the person you play as. I know it’s extremely low-poly, but I’ve been playing the PSX Metal Gear Solid, and it’s a very strong influence for the game I’m making. I like low-poly art style, and low-poly textures for some reason. It gives it a nice feel.

Recruiting: Texture Artists, Coders.



Title: Lori’s Tear

Team Leader: kernel_script

Current Team: [coming soon]

Brief: Velt and Lori are very adventurous “brats”… they once again disobeyed their Clan rules and their parents advices and got into the Forbidden Hari Waterfall (again…). As always, Lori was near a little garden between the forest and the river, searching for Witchcraft Butterflies (explained below). Velt, was lying down on the grass playing nervously with a bush leaf on his mouth, daydreaming of a life of brave and dangerous adventures. Suddenly, he hear his sister scream and promptly wake up to just see Lori been carried away by strange little spherical creatures with strange Armour and glowing orbs in place of it’s bellies. Velt promptly start to run to save his sister, to be abruptly stopped by a terrifying creature like the ones that got his sister, but that one is taller, larger and resembles a lion. The creature get it’s spear with a big blade. Velt grab his Scimitar… <my thoughts: a very well organised game project>

Recruiting: Interface Artists, scripters, sound engineers, modellers, concept artists, animators.



Title: ShperEternity

Team Leader: Kujiforo

Current Team: Foodie, Mattais, Alkasirn, BurstKnuckle, Sletten, Jazdu, Ceridan, Pyrne, AschtheBloody, Blam, Razzu, Raquellscure, CrimsonNobleScythe, AmreeTakahara.

Brief: Space Year 888, anti federation terrorist force Orion continues to combat the Origenesis Federation in order to uproot its existence. Kayci Arpegglo, top pilot of the Federation troops under her best friend and captain Ignitious Adam, is about to experience a life altering happenstance as her world spirals out of control on the battlefield that is the space frontier. After a struggle, she is sent helplessly back billions of years into the past to a planet who, at her current time, has already been destroyed by a mysterious means. This planet is Nohde. Indecelio Host, a Nohdain scholar, stumbles upon Kayci and is pulled into her struggle. Little does Kayci know, Nohde has its own problems as one peaceful factions have begun to rebel against the once perfectly established government.

Recruiting: Texture Artists, Modellers, Animators, Experienced BGE programmers (C++ programmers should talk to Kujiforo)



Title: Liberation

Team Leader: Hellooo

Current Team: Doggie_B, DividedSpleen23, WWK, Minifig

Brief: GTA style game about punk gang fights.

Recruiting: Animators.



Title: A Sound of Thunder

Team Leader: Blender-G

Current Team: micah702,

Brief: You take the roll of an unnamed jump technician at Time Safari Inc. The first safari that allows you to travel back and hunt almost any animal that has existed.
During one of the jumps, something goes wrong in the past, and affects the future, nearly wiping humanity off the face of the earth.

You must now save the fate of mankind before it is too late, even if it means killing survivors in the process.

Recruiting: Modellers, Scriptors, Animators



Title: Faith: Whereabouts Unknown

Team Leader: Linkxgl

Current Team: Prip, micah702, Gamerboi

Brief: Running through a dark and muddy forest, you have no idea where to go. You are lost. You stop running and start walking, trying to calm yourself from what just happened. Scared and lonely you try to find a way out of this forest. You finally see a bright light through some trees, you run towards it eagerly. You finally get there to find more darkness and fear. Your in an open field, the sky is black, the clouds are black, it’s raining, thundering and lightning, the trees are dead, the grass is dead, everything is dead. That bright light you saw in the forest was nothing but a flickering lamp hanging on a dead branch of a tree. Suddenly lightning strikes a tree in the forest you were just at, and starts a forest fire. You run in fright and trip over a broken sign on the floor. You read it and it says, follow the road to the right to get to Jurone Village.

Recruiting: Modellers, Python Scripters, Animators, Texture Artists.



Title: Asteracers

Team Leader: Polyman

Current Team: Zootanore, Lilgrudgeboy

Brief: For over a hundred years, space travel has become increasingly quicker and safer.
The United Worlds government had previously outlawed a sport known as “asteracing”, in which players race their craft through asteroid fields (thus the name), star systems, dense jungle, and other increasingly hostile environments, due to the incredible dangers the sport entails. Nevertheless, a select and brave few (not necessarily all humans) equipped with incredibly powerful and blazing-fast spacecraft continue to illegally play the sport.

Recruiting: Texture Artist, Modeller, Python Scripter



Title: Laser Fortress Battles

Team Leader: Mokazon

Current Team: just mokazon

Brief: An fps/tps Shooter… Split screen multiplayer and hoping to go MO

Recruiting: Animators, Scripters, Texture Artists



Title: Weapons Testing Facility

Team Leader: Mental Turkey

Current Team: MysteriousJoe

Brief: There isnt really an aim or objective. It takes place in a weapons testing facility and you are given a variety of weapons to test (duh). You fire the weapons at crash test dummies.

Recruiting: Python Scriptors, Logic Artists



Title: Dark Feilds

Team Leader: Réwii93

Members: Dudeman95, Ak21,

Brief: In a dark forest in the north of Canada, there was a little vilage where the people lived peacefully. They raised sheeps and planted crops. They where happy and nobody knew about them.

But one day, everything changed. A great wolf by the name of Redjaw came down the forbiden mountain because he was hungry. Normal wolfs are afraid of humans, but not him. He came with all his followers to eat the human’s sheep…

Knowing about this the vilagers where teriffied. There was nothing they could do… but there was someone how could deals with those wolfs… “The Hunter”

You play as Ton known as The Hunter. His mission is to protect the vilage from Redjaw and his followers. Roam across 5 large map (the village, the feilds, the swamp, the mountain, and the mines) and discover the secret of Redjaw.



Title: Exoterrestrial

Team Leader: Gusto-Pastel

Current team: Robo3DGuy, other contributors unconfirmed

Brief: c. 3000: Geological experiments cause the earth become unstable, most of the population flee on ark ships before it explodes. The game starts about 800 years later, following what happened to one such ark ship, the Demeter. It landed on a planet in orbit of the red dwarf star Gliese 876, on a planet rechristened “Tethys”. Tethys is a rough place, with a low pressure, unbreathable atmosphere, no water and sub-zero temperatures. What doesn’t help matters is the Board, entrusted by the citizens to manage the terraforming of the planet, start pushing everyone around, working them to death, taking the surplus for themselves and keeping the workers in line with security armed to the teeth. You play as Darius, a hybrid miner who unwittingly sets the workers into running battle when he saves his friend’s life by killing a guard, as he tries to survive the ensuing chaos that will change the fate of the colony forever.

On the technical side, we want to push the boundaries of what the BGE can do by experimenting with destruction systems, chemical interaction between objects and open worlds to explore.

Recruiting: Modellers, Animators, Logic programmers and scripters.

Website with forum (do join, even if you’re interested in following but not developing :D):

Title: Subversion-The Premise

Team Leader: ak21

Current team: ak21, Mokazon, Outside Blender Artists

Brief: They took her husband. They wiped her memory. She wants revenge.

One cold December morning, Sonya Audacter pieces together a devastating weapon and takes up arms against a brutally oppressive government. On a mission to find her kidnapped husband, she is soon swept up into a tangled web of intrigue and betrayal, not knowing who she can trust.

One thing is for certain. Nothing will ever be the same again. _ 70+ PAGES FULL SCRIPT WRITTEN WITH DIALOGUE_

Recruiting: Animators, Texture Artist, Modeler, Python Scripter (Save,Load Checkpoints, etc…), Basic Game Engine Logic



If you aren’t ready to commit to a game project, talk to the team leader offering your support as a contributor or even become a Game Engine Freelancer.


If you don’t want to work on one of these projects check out THIS LINK or THIS LINK and enter a competition.


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It’s called Faith: Whereabouts Unknown
I need to find
python scriptors
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Here’s the thread to my game with the storyline :smiley:
Whereabouts Unknown(Thread)



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That’s weird, I’m the co-story director of that game and according to your post, the game has no story. You could at least post: “GTA style game about punk gang fight”.

Yes, I have. You should post the full team member list of each game. I’ve noticed that many people who wanted to join the Project Purify team, knew me from the Deadman’s Frag Project team and wanted to join me, because I have experience with more than one blender game. Just think about that one. :eyebrowlift2:

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