Join Armatures/Bones - Help or Feature Request for Blender devs.

Hello All,
I was recently studying the Blender bones and I have run across a rather serious problem… :eek:

I have completed the entire rigging of my model, except the very last part which remains unconnected. All I would need is “right_hip”, to connect “back” to “right_leg_upper”.

See this pic for details:

I also bumped into this topic:

It claims I cannot join the bones and I will need to DELETE ALL OF MY WORK in order to fix this small area. I find this nearly unbelievable.

If it cannot be done I will regretfully start from scratch and begin the slowwww process of recreating all my bones, however, I would like the Blender development team to consider a bone joining feature in the future. :frowning:

You can’t in your case because your bones are pointing the wrong way . A bone cannot have more then one parent bone . You are asking for 2 bones to be the parent for your hip bone .

It looks like an image is missing from the thread you linked to so I don’t know what is being talked about, but Fligh is not telling the poster to delete his entire armature, just the problematic parts .

In your case also you need to delete your legs because they are pointing in the wrong direction . Delete them and then with X Mirror turned on select the tail/root tip and use Shift-E to mirror extrude mirrored legs from the tail tip .

The “proper” orientation for leg bones is for the head to point to the ground . This does mean that the legs do not actually join to the hip (in fact some rigs do not connect to the spine at all), but you can fix this by either 1) not touching the hip bones while animating, or 2) using a limit or copy loc constraint .