Join curves as shapekeys

here’s a basic script to add shapekeys from curves, seen a couple of situations where this can be useful
it won’t complain on different number of points or segments as it happens with meshes -it can even be fun-
simply select two or more curves, your main one the last and run script from a text editor window

the script:
and a test blend:

edit: converted to a tiny add-on, install or just run it and search for operator ‘Join Curves as Shape Keys’

Thank you! Can you show how to setup the shapes in a small tutorial?

It it seems to work nice if they have the same amount of vertices/points. Is there a way around that?

Also it should look at the axis, now it rotates it 90 on X

maybe you could try to apply rotation to curve objects before joining them, and for the number of points maybe try reversing the curves direction or subdividing, at least to get diferent results and check if it is usable

I know i can rotate it, but it seems it doesnt look at the axis correct.

The issue is when the curves have different amount of points it stops. I simply subdivided or added points to the other curve. Would be great if could even it out, but i guess thats a lot of tweaking.

PS do you know a different addon or method to join shapes keys from curves? It only works for meshes sadly

I meant apply rotation with Ctrl+A to 3d curve objects before running the script, so you remove transformations, -or join them then separate splines into objects again then run script- if that makes sense in your file…

about other ways, there was a script recently that would use an svg to get splines… you could try animation nodes that used to have an algorithm to evenly subdivide a curve -don’t know if it still there- then program the interpolation using nodes, but could be tricky too, I remember flash using hints to guide the tween, but it was horrible most of the time

Yes I tried that other one as well. That one works really nice. You need to do a bit of setup but once you got that it works flawless. That one doesn’t look at the amount of certs. It simply import s you curves and adds points it self by the settings for you use. It can also do multiple shapes and letters or so. Really cool.

I had a little bit of Ann issue at first using illustrator but I know the proper workflow now. I still need to document that part for him.

thank you very much for this script. I accidentally destroyed a few shape keys of my curves and can now recover them from a backup file.
Anyhow, I noticed that in Blender 2.8 it does not work properly as an addon, but I need to run the script manually once per session. Nothing major of course, but wanted to report it to you nonetheless.