Join multiple objects with materials each, into 1 object and 1 material .. in Blender 3.1

I understand this topic appears before but seems like many different ideas and the methods continue to be confusing. Can someone provide best and latest solution to this.

Basically how to join multiple objects each with its own UV/material into 1 object scene with a single UV/material.

I think the answers roughly around this steps but still does not work …

Step 1. Scale all objects first
Step 2. Join all objects
Step 3. Bake material from this single object … this part remain a mystery exactly how this is done. Perhaps there’s a clearer set of steps someone has figure and share ?

Hope someone can provide tips or point me to the latest tutorial/instructions how to achieve this in a more straight forward way.

You get one object with all materials and all UV-channels. Baking is only needed if you use procedural materials and want to use just UV-based textures.

If you wanna make one object with one material and control the material properties with maps like specular or metallness from objects which do have special materials for each then this can’t be done automatically because this are different approaches/workflows.

Got it … that’s still works for me then. My intent is to apply “geometry node” to this single object for specific effects … and what you’d confirm still works but rendering is pretty slow. I suppose this is due to the large no. of channels of UV/material still available to this single project that require processing.
Thanks for this understanding.