Join now!

Ok,well we need people to join.

We are almost done with [Project:chess] and will be doing bug testing with an alpha version in march.

We will have the final done by june and no later.

So if you want in, then you must have some experience or know-how of 3d modleing, texturing, or programming in order to join!

we currently need
-3-d modellers

Much to be gained from such an experience as this.

The main program we use is blender from

[ For more information visit ]
[ Or contact me at [email protected] ]

oh wtf?!!

no one wants to join and make some nice games???

or even work as sound and texture and fmv staff?


well, i would, but can’t we see any more about it? :frowning:

Its not that is not that immpressive, its that it not immpressive

Now thats impressive. That the mod team I am working with, btw we are looking for player modelers and texture artists. A hl2 modification

post or email me at [email protected]

we are slowly growing and we did those basic models in a day!!!
plus i dont have the tim to spend every waking moment of my existence making nodels and matrials and lights and all that BS!!!

dont criticize… just join for christs sake!!

dont have the tim to spend every waking moment of my existence making nodels and matrials and lights and all that BS!!!

Too busy with Diplomacy 101 I presume?


Well you didn’t really introduce yourself or your project very well, and you didn’t give any incentive to join. There’s a lot of other projects out there that are properly planned and organised, and they show a lot more potential.

You can’t expect anyone to join your project just because you said you’ve started making models. You need to show that you’re serious about it by showing as much info as you can and prove that it’s going to work.

No hard feelings.

wtf mate!
heh sorry, thats just fun to say…

as far as your post… you need to work on your pitch… cause right now it’s completely counter productive… your tone hints that your irritable, and inarticulate… aka not a good partner. Explain the project in a way that will develope some interest and you may find the community a bit more receptive.

I have been working on the “Fight For Victory” mod for Battlefield 2 and I quited for personal reasons. I know some about low-poly modelling and I have done quiet a lot so far.

If you want me in, I would love that, just give me a assignment and I’ll do it.

Or mail me [email protected]

ok Roger…
go to and sign up…
ill put a word in for you with our company exec Daniel Allatorre.

currently we are gettin ready for an alpha release and a merger between us and a sister company… no details about the merger but as far as the alpah is…

we may allow the public to test it…
-it will be a runtime file so no stealing or tweaking
-it will have one board and a basic set of animations
-basic features…

once the final is released, we will update out title with various themed arenas…

also differerent play modes…

EDIT: look above for new recruitment update

Y are u posting that here? just post wher he can sign up

id be happy to model but i need more details im fairly new to cg but i can make a profile or somthing if you want no offence taken if you dont want me

please describe yourself and you project, including goals and processes.
if you cannot, this is spam.

this is an official message. (that is, do it or else.)

I find the language that you use is far too aggressive.

If you want people to contribute some of their time and affort to your project(s), you must contribute some digree of respect to them first.

Don’t forget that you are asking people to work on a voluntary basis.

I think a lot of people here feel that they have better things to do with their time.

Just my opinion

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion, im not to be held responsible for any wars it may cause :stuck_out_tongue:

First of, it’s impossible to tell what you even do from your website or post, if you are serious about it, and sorry for saying this, but it doesnt look like a serious project.

At any time there are countless of very promising and interesting projects looking for people to contribute, so do a write up instead of a fancy website design :wink:

First thing i’d look for is a proper design document/concept art.

Animation worlds is a bunch of teenagers who dont know jack squat about team work or one’s actual value… they can all go to hell for all i care…

I am oficially opening up positions for COREGames, a new team where members will make quality games.(aint that the obvious part :p)

I am currently the creator and sole member, but hope to interest and gain the support of many in my effort to make games the way they should be, with teamwork and heart.

If you feel you hold these attributes and are skilled in any of the fields below, join now!

-did i forget any?
Projects and sign up are at COREGames

il be happy to model for you

cool thx! much abliged!

anyone else wanna join up to make games with great support and all that jazz?