join object screw up... help

well im working on a project and ive got one wall that is seperate from the others… so i join the two objects. however this really screws something up, i dont know what it is but on one wall there is no ‘glare’ but on the other it is completly shiny with glare.

is there anyway to un-group an object or fix this problem. ive moved the lights around some and tried adjusting the texture porperties (the texture is the same on the red wall) but still nothing happens.

They probably have different Materials. Set the Spec Ref and Hard the same on both Materials. Or you can select the dull Object, Shft-Select the one with the ‘glare’ (so it’s light-pink; active) then Ctrl-L >> Materials.


no… they are the same material, with same everything.

Could you upload your file after packing it (File >> Pack Data >> File >> Save) here:

then C&P that link here and I’ll take a look.


its at that site labeled room.blend

Select the Wall and (in Object mode) click Set Solid in F9 buttons, Link and Materials tab. When you set it to Set Smooth each face is Gourand Shaded in relation to the faces around it and the difference in the size and shapes of your faces is causing contortions.


thank you so much… i would never have thought of that. Thanks again :smiley: