join problem ?

i’m trying to select 2 or more objects and join with Ctrl-j
but it changes most of the objects shape except one!

so what could cause this effect when joining ?

i need to join theses objects together to form one object!

thanks for any help

Ricky, 'a little more information please. With your experience you know this doesn’t normally happen. What are the objects? I assume each is independent: no parent and not a clone. Right? What you describe sounds like there is some relationship between some of the objects. Or could it be that one or more of the objects have modifiers?

sorry just want an indepednat confirmation before i report this as a bug

may be i forgot something

here is a sample file try to join all object

the objects were added with a script - each plane i a simple primitive object
no modifier or constraint of any sort

i did apply a scale re locate and rotate to object , to shape as a circle

so i suspect it is a bug !


I selected all, did Ctrl+A, Apply Scale, then Ctrl+J. Worked fine.

2.53 Beta rev306766 win32

Thanks did not think of doing that before

so needed to apply ctrl A before doing the join !

but why does it changes the shape of most object except one if not doing the Ctrl-A before

dont’ remember seing this before !

any idea how to do this in script to Ctrl-A all the objects ?
cause i would be prefer to jon theses automatically that would be a lot faster then doing it manually !