"join selected meshes" Bug!


I think I’ve discovered a quirk in the ‘join selected meshes’ functionality (ctrl+j):

it seemed to work up to a certain point in the model I’m doing but now, every time I join two or more selected objects that don’t have the same colour, they all seem to switch to the colour of one of them. Seems totally random in that it sometimes happens and sometimes doesn’t.

Marco :smiley:

Edit: Can someone confirm this: It’s because some of the meshes didn’t have a material attached to them?
I Think I may have found the ‘bug’ “it’s a feature” lol :wink:

yeah, if the object has a material assigned to it, it should retain it. joining one with no material to one with a material, should cause the no material one to take on the material of the one it was joined to. i don’t know what happens if you do it the opposite way, maybe it loses the material. anyway, if meshes each have their own material, a material indice is made for both, ( or more ) on the new object.