Join separated meshes of the same object

In edit mode I select one vertix then hit ctrl L, which will select a specific part of a mesh.
Then with shift hold I select another part in edit mode. Is it possible to join them in edit mode?
So when hitting ctrl+l all parts are selected at once.

Problem is I have a boot mesh, relatively low poly, and after I subdivide for more vertices and smooth them with “smooth vertex”, all of the parts now have gaps in them. This is why I want this done.

Don’t tell me why I shouldn’t or don’t need to or whatever. Just give me the answer I’m looking for.

Don’t even bring up vertex groups, this is NOT WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR.

I am not one qualified to answer, but… About question, not even “please”? And that bold , and “don’t tell me” and “just give answer”… i doubt that’s a good way asking for help.

Well, without bringing up vertex groups. NO YOU CAN’T because CTRL+L joins connected parts.

To join all parts of your mesh so that they’re all selected with ctrl+L they need to be connected, i.e. every two “pieces” should share at least one vertex. That won’t neccesarily solve your gaps isssues with “smooth vertex” however, bit if you want to go that way you can do it several ways: if the different parts of the mesh already have some vertices occupying the same positions, you can “weld” then together with the command “remove doubles” (hit W to get the specials menu, then “remove doubles”). Or you can merge different vertices by selecting them and pressing alt+m to merge and choosing how you want them to be merged.

Anyway, to avoid the gaps you could just unselect the colliding parts of the different meshes just prior to hitting “smooth vertex” so those vertices stay put.

Hmmmm, I’m using the Maya keybind set. Will Alt+m do the same?