join->split->change materials

If I have few objects, select them, them “join” them. If I split them into all loose parts/by color/selected, them the individual objects can’t have the material changed. It seems like a bug to me. Anyone else experiencing same issue? (I’m running 2.47, windoze vis). a

It’s working for me just as i would expect.
Each object keeps its material.
Are your objects separated shells before splitting, or do you split a connected shell?


Where are you trying to change the materials, and do you have multiple materials applied to the object?

create a new files, create a cube “1”, create a new material - let’s say “red” and give to cube 1 color “red”, copy cube 1. create a new material “yellow” and attribute that to cube 2, then copy cube 2 and create a new material “blue”. give cube 3 material blue. now select all three cubes and hit “control+J” to join selected meshes. then once joined, enter in edit mode, hit “P” and select separate. once the three cubes are back independent objects, try change materials on each of them. at least for me it is not working. If you guys still not experiment same issue, then I can upload an example file. thanks a

For me it’s still working.
The only difference between before and after is that each cube now have all materials indexed, which is usual.
But I can change materials.
I think a blendfile would be the best.