Join team to make new game

hi there everybody,

i been athinking n i thought it would be a great idea to make a game in blender
i am relitivly new to blender and want to learn alot more about the program
im athinking a motorbike game at the moment, any ideas or want to join
email me at [email protected]


You might wanna post this in the games section, you’ll get more replies and it’s better to post it where it’s supposed to go.

Start this thread in WIP work in progress so all these people don’t continuously say post the blabla in the blabla haha okay cheers.goodluck.

Hello and welcome to the forum.
Hmmm you know Its always best to lead from the front if you want to start a group project such as this. You have to have the skills to lead the project.

Most projects started in this manner are usually shot down quick but there is nothing stopping you from making this your own personal project.

im not the best at blender either but u can check my projects and see if im “good” enough for your game :P…if i do become in ure game id like to model things…

Andrew11, it’s not good form to post your email address and ask for people to contact you outside the forum. Besides, you’ll attract spambots. Makes people think you are here to poach talent, instead of to learn and share.

Not your fault, you probably didn’t know any better. Now you do. :wink:

Anyway, here’s a racetrack tutorialyou might be interested in, to get your game started. It’s an oldie, so some of the keystroke instructions might have changed a bit, so if you run into problems, post back and ask questions.

Roubal wrote a tutorial on rigging a car to run on a path and said something at the time about modifying it for motorcycles, but I haven’t seen that anywhere (otoh, I haven’t looked.)

Welcome to BlenderArtists :smiley:

PS, we used to flame people who started their stay here with “I’m completely ignorant, but I want you guys to make a game for me.” Perhaps you avoided this by posting in Artwork instead of the Games forum, where this post belongs. Perhaps its just that we’re getting tired of flaming noobs. If you take a look around, there are some projects you could join, rather than starting a new one.