Join the federated suns!!! (Grizzly re-mix)

Join the federated suns!!

First off I’d like to thank alltaken for some adivce on color, positioning and shadowing!

This image was made entirely in CorelDRAW 11, before you scold me for not putting this elsewhere, blender and yafray played there parts as well. Blender was used for the original model some monthes back, yafray got the first few renders, which looked quite nice without any textures, this image (which I no longer have posted up, sorry!) was used so I could trace it in DRAW. I added the madcat (the mechs in BG) from previous drawings.

I hope you guys like it, I spent quite some time on it, it helped me learn a lot about DRAW!


that’s nice man! I love the new legs!!

Did you modelled those madcat too or they are painted?

I knew it would be awesome :slight_smile:

thats phat bro :smiley:



Thanks…woulda looked like crap if you hadn’t helped me!

X-war: didn’t model the kittys, traced them from mw4 screeenie

Sweet work!

Now texture that thing up and give us some action shots! :wink: