Joined at birth or something ...

I have an object with a few rotation keyframes and relative vertex keyframes, and I’m trying to duplicate it. Unfortunately, no matter what I do, I end up with objects that share these properties. I’m trying to rotate the duplicate 90 degrees and give it a keyframe, and the original jumps 90 degrees as well. I can’t seem to seperate them so they’re completely independant. I’ve cleared the parent, so it’s not that. I’m not accidentally using Alt+D instead of Shift+D. What am I doing wrong here?

When you duplicate an object the ipo data of the copied object is linked as well. You can go into the ipo editor and delete the link to the ipo block for the second object. Do this in the header of the ipo editor – press the “x” – tool tips will help you find it.


Perfect. Fixed now; thank you. 8)